Open Seas has one country-specific consultants, one special needs consultant, and one information technology consultant:

Yingying Wang

Yingying is our China Consultant. Yingying is a lawyer admitted to practice in the People’s Republic of China, and in the State of New York. Her educational credentials include a Bachelor of Laws (“LL.B.”) and a Master of Laws (“LL.M.”). Yingying is deeply knowledgeable about Chinese and other Asian cultures and is fluent in English, as well as her native tongue (Chinese). She has visited orphanages in China on several occasions, and once even served as a volunteer for one week at an orphanage in Beijing. Yingying has worked with the board of directors on a volunteer basis to facilitate legal, linguistic and cultural exchanges between the Agency and the Chinese Central Authority. With her many professional contacts throughout Asia, Yingying can fill the same role in connection with several other Asian countries, should Open Seas call upon her to do so.

Serene Hang Su

While serving our Board, Serene is also our Information Technology Consultant.

Martha Siringo

Martha is our Special Needs Consultant. Martha was born and raised in Lima, Peru, wherein she earned a B.A. in Hospitality Management. Martha is fluent in Spanish and English, and is raising a special needs child of her own in New York. Martha knows well the challenges and joys of raising a special needs child, and, having a warm and easy way about her, Martha can be a source of knowledge and support to our applicants who elect to adopt a special needs child.