Medical Advisory Board

We have two prominent physicians serving the medical advisory board: Anne Moore, M.D. and Laurence Weiss, M.D. (both now retired). As the board expands and acquires an expertise in international adoption medicine, the medical advisory board will assist the Agency’s pre- and post-adoptive families with understanding the short- and long-term effects of deprivation, malnutrition, abuse, neglect and prenatal substance exposure with a view to preparing the families to meet the unique needs of their internationally-adopted children. As presently constituted, the medical advisory board lends moral support for a project it respects and provides information about, and a deep understanding of, several different cultures, in addition of course to having an impressive medical background.

Dr. Moore’s specialty was oncology.

Dr. Weiss’s specialty was internal medicine.

Drs. Moore and Weiss have traveled extensively throughout their lives in connection with their work and for pleasure and are parents and grandparents, frequently traveling these days to visit their children and grandchildren living abroad.